Choosing The Right Clubs For Your Skill Level

Choosing The Right Clubs For Your Skill Level

Buying golf clubs might seem to be as simple as opening your laptop, opening Google, and typing “best place to buy golf clubs,” but in reality, there are some considerations that you should make before even looking online.

Golf clubs may appear to be all “cut from the same cloth,” or extremely similar in nature, when in reality the subtle differences that you can't immediately notice have huge effects on your golf game. One of the largest factors that people tend to overlook when looking for golf clubs online is not the brand, the style, or the weight — it's their skill level.

In today’s blog post your source for golf clubs online, Renegar Golf, will discuss how you should choose clubs in comparison to your skill level.

What To Look For As A Beginner/High Handicap Player

As a beginner or as a high-handicap player, it is likely that you are unsure of the clubs that would be best for you. As a new golfer with limited experience, a golf set that is consistent and forgiving is likely to be the best fit for you. As your skill level progresses, you can move forward to less forgiving clubs, as skill fills the void that the forgiveness of the club once filled.

As a beginner, there are a couple of clubs that you will need in your bag. The most ideal setup for a newer golfer would be that of a bag of 12-15 clubs consisting of a driver, fairway woods, irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, and a few hybrid clubs.

When you are looking at clubs in a golf shop online, it is important to look for forgiving clubs that can allow you to focus on your ball striking abilities. Clubs that can be labeled as forgiving often have oversized club faces, creating a larger “sweet spot” for optimal shots.  When looking for forgiving irons that have a more efficient sweet spot, it is important to look for club faces that are labeled as “increased perimeter weighting.” Additionally, a wide sole can allow you to more easily cut through the grass.

As a new golfer or a golfer with a high handicap, it is imperative to your game that you seek clubs that help you improve your game. While it might seem like cheating, having clubs that are easier to use will help you develop your skills to the point where you seek golf clubs online once again — but this time for intermediate skill level clubs.

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What To Look For As An Intermediate Golfer

Because the importance of a golf club matching the user's skill level, it is very important to determine if you are in fact an intermediate player, as some beginners think that they are intermediate while some advanced golfers may be more humble — thinking that they too are intermediate. Essentially, if you are becoming  a consistent player and can eight times out of ten place the ball in a location close to where you intended, you might be able to consider yourself intermediate.

Once you have deemed yourself as an intermediate golfer you can now begin to visit the best place to buy golf clubs in your neighborhood or shop online, for some new clubs. Essentially the intermediate phase of your golf development is when you begin to switch, or begin to wean yourself from, your hybrid clubs and begin to use irons more often. Additionally, most course professionals might advise you to begin thinking about upgrading your driver, while still keeping the large clubface.

If you believe yourself to be an intermediate golfer, don't freak out about buying new clubs all at once. Being an intermediate golfer is a transitional period between beginners and advanced golfers, leaving you with plenty of time to slowly upgrade your equipment.

Advanced Golfers: It Is Time To Spend What You Want

Typically, and we can’t speak for everyone, people tend to tread lightly and buy mid-grade golf clubs when they are beginners and intermediate golfers, knowing that they will simply have to upgrade once again. Once you are an advanced golfer you can justify spending more money on clubs of the highest quality because they are in your bag to stay.

As an advanced player, it is likely that you have phased out your hybrids for true irons (although everyone has at least one hybrid that they are too attached to ditch). In addition to cutting clubs from your golf bags rotation, you are likely to add clubs.

As an advanced player, it is now time to shop for golf clubs online that truly match your skill level. Treat yourself and have your driver custom fitted for you. Look at golf wedges for sale and treat yourself to the innovative golf technology of the Renegar Sole. Essentially, it is time to purchase the clubs that you have always wanted.

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