The 1930’s Gene Sarazen bounce sole contour has been the best we have had in golf for the last 80 years – bounce clearly works well for bunker explosions shots.  But it is the majority of “other” short game shots that are so troubling, where Sarazen’s raised leading edge invites one scoring disaster after another.  We have all experienced the low “bladed” shots that go much too far with no spin or the “thin” shots where the ball goes 8-10 yards farther.  Robot testing actually bears out this extra 8-10 yards “thin” shot design flaw in the Sarazen bounce design - it is not just you.

The problems with the Sarazen bounce sole are basically two-fold – 1) the poor playability resulting from its raised leading edge and 2) its poor weight distribution.  This same bounce contour that is so helpful for bunker explosion shots raises the leading edge to about 1/4 inch above the playing surface - greatly increasing the likelihood of sculled and thin shots and greatly increasing the difficulty of playing all shots from tight lies or firm turf.  And secondly, the distribution of the bounce mass well below the impact point and extremely forward reduces club head stability (MOI) and ball spin rates - exactly the wrong things to do in wedge design

We actually liked Sarazen's bounce sole for bunker explosion shots, but we did NOT like it “outside the bunker” - so, we fixed it with our utility-patented improvement in sole design, giving you the lowered leading edge you need for most short game play but with maximum bounce on demand - whenever you need it!

Other OEMs offer you either one or the other – a lowered leading edge with LESS bounce . . . or MORE bounce with a raised leading edge - but they CANNOT give you BOTH like the Renegar wedges do!
The “Apparent Contradiction” of a Lowered Leading Edge with MORE Bounce?
With Renegar Golf’s patented sole, you get the greatly improved playability of a much lowered leading edge than Sarazen wedges allow, but our Utility-Patented sole gives you MORE bounce than Sarazen wedges provide – the best of both worlds – and when you need it!
Most Short Game playing situations demand that you get the leading edge down near the playing surface, but Sarazen bounce-soled wedges do not provide for that possibility (without greatly de-lofting the club).  Instead, the leading edge of a Sarazen-based design is generally about 0.250 inches above the playing surface – inviting a plethora of possible scoring disasters.  The Renegar sole improvement lowers that leading edge to less than half the height of Sarazen bounce soles – greatly improving forgiveness for low or thin shots – the good player’s most common “miss”.
But when you need bounce, the Renegar sole gives you even MORE bounce and delivers it with greater versatility than ANY Sarazen sole.  Just open the club face slightly, and the several bounce surfaces are pressed into action – performing more like a conventional bounce-soled wedge.
The Details of Our UTILITY-Patented SoleSquare Faced
Creating our utility-patented sole might simply be described as moving the rearward 2/3 portion of a conventional bounce contour upward and rearward behind the club face – thereby creating multiple bounce surfaces and a greatly lowered leading edge.  This same sole contour is used on ALL lofts of the Renegar  wedges.
The sole of all our models features 3 distinctly different bounce surfaces.  The most forward “leading” edge bounce surface features a relatively narrow 4-way cambered surface with a constant +21 degrees of bounce for maximum playability – providing adequate bounce for most short game play, including even enough bounce for many bunker explosions from firmer sand.  Our other two bounce surfaces are hidden behind the leading edge bounce surface during normal square-faced play.
Opening the club face will reveal and engage the two more rearward bounce surfaces for additional bounce. The most rearward “trailing” bounce surface measures a moderate +15 degrees bounce, making it an ideal choice for situations when adding a little more bounce by opening the club face would very helpful.
Our intermediate bounce surface measures a steeper +18 degrees bounce, giving you extra bounce when that is needed for wide opened club face situations like very fluffy sand.
Moving these bounce surfaces upward and rearward has the further added advantage of making possible extraordinary negative bounce heel relief (better than ANY Sarazen sole “grind”) for hitting open-faced cut lob shots without a dangerously raised leading edge.  This relieved heel area has a bounce measure of negative 5 degrees – enabling open-faced shots with a much lowered leading edge.
Our New “V-43 Double Milled” USGA Conforming Smaller Grooves 
Our proprietary new grooves are designed to provide you with the sharpest legal groove edges and a maximum number of edges - while retaining maximum groove volume for optimum spin performance from the rough.  These grooves were such a manufacturing challenge to produce that it required us to develop a proprietary “CNC Double-Milling” process with our club head supplier to create them.  Forged heads with “stamped” grooves and “cast-in” grooves cannot even come close to the same manufacturing precision as our “CNC Double-Milling” process.
Our CNC Face Milling with “Micro-Groove” Residual Mill Marks

Our CNC Face Milling treatment provides you with a perfectly flat impact surface and the residual CNC mill marks (right at USGA limits for roughness) add significantly to our spin generation formula from less than perfect lies.  Note also how our residual CNC mill marks are oriented in a “frowning” orientation to maximize friction for spin generation – even on off-center hits – very different from the “smiling” orientation of the sales leaders.

CNC Face Milling with “Micro-Groove”