What Makes Renegar Golf Different?

The Renegar Golf Wedges represent a paradigm shift in golf club design from the 1930's Sarazen sole to a complete 21st century “re-thinking” of design for your modern short game. We liked Sarazen's bounce sole for bunker play (it works!), but we did not like its raised leading edge for the rest of short game play.  So we fixed it with our patented improvement - giving you the extraordinary playability of a LOWERED LEADING EDGE with MORE BOUNCE?

Renegar Golf's patented wedge sole improves upon the Gene Sarazen bounce sole contour, which has been the standard for 80 years. Sarazen's raised leading edge can lead to thin and bladed shots, and poor weight distribution reduces ball spin rates and club head stability. Renegar Golf's utility-patented sole solves these issues by offering a lowered leading edge for most short game play, with maximum bounce on demand. The sole features three distinct bounce surfaces that provide versatility and extra bounce when needed. Renegar Golf's proprietary "V-43 Double Milled" grooves provide maximum spin performance from the rough and are manufactured with a proprietary CNC double-milling process. The CNC face milling treatment provides a perfectly flat impact surface with residual mill marks that maximize friction for spin generation, even on off-center hits. Renegar wedges offer improved playability and versatility, delivering the best of both worlds with a lowered leading edge and maximum bounce.

Experience golf club excellence like never before with our strategic partnerships with the best suppliers and vendors in the world. From product conception to final assembly, we bring you innovative designs and manufacturing processes that are unmatched in the industry. Our precision CNC milling delivers maximum control and accuracy, while our innovative grooves and finishing set us apart from the competition. We employ the latest in statistical process control and measuring equipment to ensure the tightest manufacturing tolerances for consistent performance on the course. Don't settle for mediocre clubs - upgrade to the very best with our world-class suppliers and vendors.

Great golf club design must begin with and be driven by insightful design philosophies.  Our design philosophies have been developed over the span of a near 30-year career in the golf industry.  Given there is much more to our product than any single "break-through," our Design Philosophies might be summarized by all of the following:

"Think Outside The Bunker"

We believe that the demands of short game play force us to think beyond the simplicity of bunker explosion shots – short game play involves much more – just as our golf clubs give you much more.  We liked Sarazen's bounce sole for bunker play, but we did not like his dangerously raised leading edge - so we fixed it with our patented sole!

Systems Engineered Design Optimization (SEDO)

Just like a successful formula one race car development, our designs embody optimizations of many different design variables with the singular objective of better performance.  This is happening elsewhere in golf club design - why would we leave anything undone in developing our wedges for you?

Designed For First Attempt (DFFA)

Golf requires us to create successful golf shots with our first attempts when we play.  The elusive "feel" so many of us seek (but cannot describe or quantify) may actually be a more basic form of our DFFA.  The many design variables in wedges can be optimized for better outcomes on the first attempt – i.e. the weight and balance of the golf club, the stiffness of the shaft, etc. - it is the "etc." in this case that really makes the difference.

Single Set Specification

We have embraced the concept of a single set specification for all of our wedge offerings – the same head weights, shaft, and grip at the same lengths, swing weights, and lie angles. All of the golf clubs in our wedges set "feel" and perform the same. This enhances consistent feel and improved learning curves for short game play for players at every skill level (while offering the added benefit of more consistent manufacturing).

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