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Product Overview

The Renegar Golf Wedges represent a paradigm shift in golf club design from the 1930's Sarazen sole to a complete 21st century “re-thinking” of design for your modern short game.  We liked Sarazen's bounce sole for bunker play (it works!), but we did not like its raised leading edge for the rest of short game play.  So we fixed it with our patented improvement - giving you the extraordinary playability of a LOWERED LEADING EDGE with MORE BOUNCE?

But we did not stop there - that was only the beginning:

  • 20+ years and now 6 generations of evolutionary development from a leading professional golf club designer and engineer – this is NOT “garage tinkering” with Sarazen sole grinds
  • Design developed in the R&D labs – not at the factory “grinding wheel”
  • Proven where it matters – in the hands of great players on the golf course
  • Meticulously engineered and utility-patented
  • Precision manufactured by the best sources in the world
  • Our short game shaft designs produce better playability than conventional irons shafts
  • Our short game specific grip developed for better control
  • Fitted to the REAL demands of your modern short game



    • A Relentless FOCUS on the Short Game ONLY
    • Cutting Edge Design Technologies that are the Product of more than 30 Years of Golf
    • Club R&D Experience – NO Gimmicks required
    • Design Philosophies and Technologies that Translate into LOWER SCORES for Every
    • Player in Every Short Game Situation – Guaranteed!
    • Design Leadership SO Good that It is PATENTED – and that is really only the beginning


      While our competitors are literally "tinkering around the edges" of golf club design with re-runs of 80 year old Sarazen sole designs, our golf club offerings are the product of 20 years of Research & Development – including 2 issued patents (no claims of "pending" patents).  This is the 6th generation of that development – confirmed with robot and player launch monitor testing and wins in professional golf. Sarazen's bounce is a good thing, but we did not like the raised leading edge for most of short game play - so we fixed it!  And what a difference it makes.

      The Renegar Golf wedges give you proven, patented product superiority – not the "garage tinkering" or "custom grinds" you see in so many wedges.  We give you instead a LOWERED

      LEADING EDGE with MORE BOUNCE.  And then we added more:

      • Better PERFORMANCE with our patented sole and other club head design
      • improvements
      • Better CONTROL from our wedges specific shaft and grip components
      • Better DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES created by experienced golf club developers and
      • players
      • Better MANUFACTURING using world-class vendors, suppliers, and processes
      • Situational playing VERSATILITY unequaled by any OEM at any price

      The marketing clout of the current wedges category sales leaders is a given.  But we are not competing with those leaders – our product is actually much better.  Those sales leaders suffer the performance limitations of the Sarazen bounce sole design with its dangerously raised leading edge and poor mass distribution.  We do not.  We offer you patented design versatility and lower scores instead.  And we are not offering you customization and sole grinds – we have much more than that to offer . . . 21st Century New DESIGN Technology that Really Performs!

      We have truly raised the bar in golf club design to help lower your scores – giving you the best short game equipment available at any price!