RxF Tour Proto Forged Wedges

The R&D guys always want a “free hand” to push the envelope all the way to what could be done, regardless of any limitations – including cost. Well, this is it! This is as good as it gets!

The RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged wedges are the quintessential example of what the modern wedge should be. This is what happens when REAL Technology comes to the short game. This is the first step into a next threshold of new design technology for wedges, and it is brought to you with the highest level of manufacturing precision ever offered to the golf consumer – sets of wedges matched in every conceivable way possible. Renegar’s RxF Tour Proto Forged wedges include all of the following design features:

Renegar’s Utility-Patented Sole DESIGN leads the way with innovation that provides 5 distinctly different bounce surfaces for extraordinary playability in ANY short game situation – performance that transcends ANY “custom grind” from any other wedge

RxF Tour Proto Forged Wedge Specs

5-Step Precision-Forged club heads from very soft 1025C carbon steel for feel unmatched by any of our competitors due to the 5-Step superior grain structure and fewer voids – This is a TRUE Forging, not some FORM-Forged misrepresentation with specious marketing claims

Using the most advanced golf club assembly process in the wedges product category today – the RxF wedges are the most completely and perfectly matched SETS of wedges available in the game

4 Club Heads are available – P, G, S, and L – choose your loft from 46,50,54 or 58 degrees.

4-Club sets 46/50/54/58, 48/52/56/60
3-Club sets 46/52/58, 46/52/60,  46/50/56, 48/52/56,  48/54/60,  50/54/58,  50/54/60,  52/56/60
2-Club sets 46/54, 46/56, 50/56,  52/58,  54/58,  54/60,  52/60
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