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Renegar first developed and prototyped this design in 1993.  It is utility-patented, proven, and now meticulously developed to become the new Rx14 series wedges.  This very Rx14 Renegar Golf wedge product is therefore the result of 20 years and six generations of research & development – including two issued patents.  Renegar's background includes nearly 30 years in the golf industry (and scores of golf club designs) - having led R&D for both the Palmer and Hogan companies and consulting for years with two of the largest OEMs in golf today. 



Our Renegar Golf Strategic Focus is upon the short game only.  We are committed to the singular business strategy of "do one thing, and do it better than anyone else" – if we are to be the best and lead in the short game category.  Surely all of the major golf manufacturers make wedges today, but they also make drivers, irons, hybrids, putters, balls, shoes, gloves, bags, etc.  Most of them have diversified to the point of being really good at very little – they lack a singular strategic focus.  And most have achieved true mediocrity with their wedge offerings – each now competing with their own copy of the venerable Sarazen sole contour wedge and suggesting to you that technology for wedges really is not that important . . . we disagree.  


Instead, our promise to you is to deliver the best performing, cutting edge new technology short game products with the highest quality manufacturing standards possible in the golf industry – a paradigm shift in short game product thinking and technology when compared to the major OEMs.

Our Product is Utility-Patented and designed in the USA by real engineers and good golfers (with input from tour professional golfers) using our "think outside the bunker" design philosophies and manufactured by the best suppliers in the world for each component – no CAD designs (computers do not play golf – what would they know about it?), but we do embrace computer-aided product development and manufacturing execution where appropriate.

Much more than craftsmanship or customization stories or big tour promotion budgets, we give you real product integrity and performance advantages that produce absolutely lower scores for players at every skill level – no more copies of 80-year old Sarazen wedge designs.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the Research and Development of golf club designs for major manufacturers – our product designs are not "garage tinkering" or "custom grinds" like you see elsewhere in the wedges product category.  Our utility-patented and meticulously engineered wedge designs are the result of more than 20 years development through 6 generations of product concepts.  They are proven with a history of issued patents, broad usage in professional golf (including many professional Tour wins), robot testing and launch monitor player testing, and growing consumer acceptance.

We make no promises of delivering new product to you each year – we instead promise that we will only introduce new product when we have something significantly better – whenever that happens.

Cost is of little consideration to us when developing great products like these – they are the best, and the best usually costs a little more.


Strategic Alliances

We have created strategic business alliances with the very best golf component suppliers in the world today.  Many of the leading and largest OEMs in golf currently rely on these same suppliers for their product.   Our Renegar Golf associations are the result of developing and nurturing global business relationships for nearly 30 years inside the golf industry.  All of our suppliers are the best at what they do.  They know more about club head manufacturing, shafts, and grips than anyone else in the world, and their manufacturing execution is also world-class . . . but we have asked them to raise the bar a little higher. 

Key elements of our new products (and their manufacturing excellence) are the results of design collaborations between these suppliers’ best design minds and our own R&D group.  "Together We Can Give You The Very Finest Short Game Products Available In The World Today" – World Class products that perform at levels unequalled by any other manufacturer at any price.

Beyond developing strategic alliances with the best golf club component suppliers, we have similarly developed strong new business relationships with other contributors to our business excellence. Westhaven Golf Club in Franklin, Tennessee is our home course.  Westhaven GC has complete short game practice facilities and world-class launch-monitor / test data gathering capabilities that we share with their members.  They also have a world-class teaching and PGA professional staff – all of whom provide us with essential help and perspective for our product development. 

The Renegar Golf Videos are Hosted by Golf TV Personality Kraig Kann and Produced, Filmed, and Edited by PGA Tour Entertainment in their St. Augustine, FL Studios.

AIM - Advanced International Multi-tech Co. Ltd. -  (www.adgroup.com.tw)

Advanced International Multi-tech Co. Ltd. (called AIM or Advanced in the golf biz) is our club head supplier and assembler.  They were originally a Taiwan-based company engaged in the manufacture of golf products and bicycle accessories.  Today, Advanced is one of the world’s technology leaders in golf club head and golf shaft manufacture.  They produce various consumer products which include golf club heads, shafts, bike frames, composite materials, carbon fiber components and accessories for bicycles like forks, frames, and aviation products.  Advanced currently operates through three business divisions which include Golf Clubs and Balls, Bike Components, and Composites.  They do most of the golf club production for two of golf’s very largest and best OEMs.  Each Advanced business division has its own production, sales and R&D departments.  They are headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, have nearly 10,000 employees worldwide, and operate in four different countries.


Lamkin Grips   (www.lamkingrips.com)

Our grip supplier is the Lamkin Company – headquartered at the modern center of the golf industry in San Diego, CA.  While Lamkin has always been “the other” grip company, inside the golf industry, they have always remained at the very top in value and innovation – providing both branded and private-label grips for most of the OEMs in golf over the years.  Our partnership with Lamkin (and their willingness to partner and innovate with us) was essential to the development of our wedges specific grip.

Lamkin today is a large third generation family-owned business that originally began in Chicago in 1925 – born out of a passion for golf that has only grown through all three generations of the Lamkin family.  They sell and operate globally nowadays with manufacturing in three different countries producing millions of grips each year.

Westhaven Golf Club  (www.golfwesthaven.com)

Westhaven Golf Club is a private, championship 18-hole country club, located in Franklin, Tennessee.  It was designed by renowned architects Arthur Hills, Steve Forrest and Associates.  This private golf club is a “core” golf course with no homes, swimming pools, or tennis courts – it is a golf club.  Convenient to both Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee, the Southern Land Company developed this course to be one of the finest in Tennessee.  And if you are coming to Westhaven . . . you had better bring your short game.  Westhaven Golf Club made the 2010 Golfweek Best New Courses List.

We are privileged to use Westhaven Golf Club's TrackMan launch monitor equipment in their highly regarded Teaching Academy and the Academy's short game practice and teaching area for our testing and development.  Some Westhaven members also participate in our player panels for testing - along with Westhaven's most capable teaching and professional staff.