Renegar Golf Wedges - Playing Tips

As these are NOT at all Sarazen-based wedge designs (and based upon our great experience playing them), you should expect our wedges to play a little differently from your current wedges.  When putting them into play, please note the following for best results:

  • Carry the ball nearer to the hole – you should expect more spin & stop and less roll from your new wedge game.
  • Add extra bounce when you need it by opening the club face to engage whatever bounce you need for the shot – this is NOT a Sarazen bounce wedge with a constant excessive bounce presence.
  • Many players will want to play the ball a little toward the toe with our wedges – particularly on chips and partial shots - our firmer shaft tip reduces the "droop" phenomenon on slower swing shots (this is the reason so many even good players "shank" their wedges occasionally).
  • Find your comfortable full swing distances and then "choke down" distances – your distances with our wedges will be a little different from those with your old wedges – even if your old wedges had the same lofts.

    We encourage you to experiment and even practice a little – there will be many short game shots you can play now that you were unable to execute before.