Renegar D-Line Putter

Introducing the D-Line Putter, the ultimate solution to your putting game! This putter features a low-density black diamond textured TPU face with two degrees of loft and high density steel parabolic back-weighting, providing maximum stability and more consistent speed on off-center hits. With a balanced club face, you can keep the club squared to the target line for both arc and straight through putting strokes, ensuring better preserved direction.

Renegar's patented Quadra-Cut surface sole contour allows for perfect set-up from different lie angles (+/- 5 degrees) with designed-in sole relief for both take-away and forward stroke scuff errors. And, the mallet club head shape and PI Alignment System frame the ball and target line perfectly, providing clear, visual static alignment aids for more consistency at address. The PI Alignment System also provides the player with both parallel and perpendicular alignment aids.

The D-Line Putter also boasts a 13-inch Lamkin Sink grip made from a rubber compound that is 29 to 35 percent lighter than traditional rubber, allowing for a larger grip and increased traction. The added length and weight of the Sink Grip means the extra mass is placed in the grip end of the club to counter a heavier head. This counterbalanced weighting technique allows the club to feel more stable throughout the stroke.

The club handle is also slightly curved to help position the hands to take the wrist out of the stroke, and the step-less shaft is designed to be very firm to optimize control of both speed and alignment while also reducing reflective light distractions at address.

At just $195, the D-Line Putter is a steal. And, to top it all off, it comes with a premium embroidered head cover. Putting is all about distance and direction, and with the D-Line Putter, you'll be performing in both ways. Don't wait, upgrade your putting game today!