RxF-P Pitching Wedge
RxF-P Pitching Wedge
RxF-P Pitching Wedge
RxF-P Pitching Wedge
RxF-P Pitching Wedge
RxF-P Pitching Wedge

RxF-P Pitching Wedge

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The RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged Wedge

The RxF Tour Proto 5- Step Precision-Forged Club Head

We R&D guys are always constrained by the realities of marketing and manufacturing and competitive price points, but we still long for the day we can “go all out” and make a product with no limitations.  The RxF TOUR PROTO Forgings are just such clubs.

Dedicated serious golfers (and more accomplished players in particular) prefer the softer sound and reduced vibration of a forged club head - whether it is their irons or wedges.  But investment casting dominates the modern golf industry for good reason - it reproduces club heads more accurately, more consistently, and less expensively. 

The challenge with forged club head manufacturing has always been manufacturing consistency (and expense of course).  And, the words “precision” and “forged” rarely appear together in the history of golf for good reason.  Conventional forged wedges production processes begin with a rough-shaped club head that weighs perhaps 360+ grams to start, and it finishes with that same club head weighing perhaps 300 grams. Ergo, 60+ grams of steel are removed through machining and grinding and polishing! 

Raw forgings therefore offer many opportunities for inconsistency during their manufacture.  Most notably, there is the introduction of the inconsistency associated with the human element in the manufacturing process, as one grinder will always shape clubs a little differently from another grinder.  Then the heads move to the next step of the process, where the same opportunities for inconsistencies are repeated with the introduction of more human element and changing machine settings, etc.

But now there is the “5-Step Precision Forging” process Renegar uses with the RxF Wedges.  This is a process that makes forged golf club heads using 5 different forged hammer blows to provide essentially the same finished precision as investment casting, but these club heads now embody the superior grain structure, great sound, and exceptional feel of a TRUE Forging (and NOT a casting or “Form-Forging”).

The RxF Differentiation - 4 Great Strengths

1 - Better Design Technologies

    • Our Utility-Patented Sole Design Plays Better in EVERY Short Game Situation,

    • All RxF Components are Designed Specifically for WEDGE Play to Provide the Player with Better Control and Consistency - they are not IRONS components,

    • This is a 6th Generation Design with 20+ Years of Development and Evolution,

2 - Better Built

    • The 5 Hammer Blows of our TRUE 5-Step Precision-Forging Process provide unsurpassed grain structure with fewer voids than castings or “Form Forgings”,

    • Only the Best Wedge Specific shaft and grip components available anywhere in the world are used,

    • The RxF wedges are “USA Precision Assembled” ONE-SET-AT-A-TIME using Renegar’s proprietary “Precision Assembly” process, and they are built to quality standards unmatched by other OEMs,

    • “Precision Set-Matching” is employed for ALL of the Design Attributes below to give you unheard of thresholds of feel, consistency, control, and predictability in your short game play:

3 - Better Performance

    • Greater Versatility is provided for EVERY Short Game Situation with our Patented Sole Design,

    • The RxF Wedges are 2-5 Times More Accurate than the Sales Leaders,

    • Consistency, Forgiveness, and Increased Margin of Human Error are Improved,

    • More Predictable Shot-Making Outcomes are produced due to Design-Optimized Player Interaction, and

    • Lower Scores are Guaranteed for EVERY Player

4 - Better-Fitted with Meaningful Customization

The RxF offers a simple lie angle Fitting Formula unique to wedges based upon the player’s height that is combined with a modest custom offering of 4 club heads (in 4 lofts), - all the fitting technology you really need for short game play without all the confusion.

The RxF Tour Proto Precision Forging is the 1st REAL STEP into MODERN DESIGN TECHNOLOGY  for the SHORT GAME

Isn’t it about time wedge products moved beyond the shallow marketing hyperbole of “Old World” craftsmanship, “sole grinds”, personalized stampings, the barrage of mostly meaningless build options, and its preoccupation with “wedge-designer” personalities?



HEAD LOFT CHOICES / SET GAPPING - Based primarily on where your irons set ends, we recommend you use a 3-4 club wedge set with consistent 4-6 degree gaps between successive clubs in your set - i.e. your last iron is a contemporary 46º set-matching pitching wedge (as most are), so you might consider wedge sets of 46º/50º/54º/58º (our set design standard).  Obviously, there are many possibilities.  NOTE:  For estimating distances, you should expect a one degree change in loft will amount to about 2.5-3.5 yards change in distance, depending mostly upon how hard you hit the ball.

SOLE GRINDS - We have already done the Sole DESIGN Engineering to obviate the need for “grinds” - so, our one utility-patented sole really does it all - regardless of the shot-making situation, you will get better results from our DESIGN than anyone’s “custom grind”.  Our patented sole design will perform better than ANY sole “grind” in every situation - satisfaction guaranteed.  You get a lower leading edge for most of your short game play, but you also have HUGE “Player-Controlled” bounce at your disposal for situations when you need it.  Because you may encounter an extraordinary range of shot-making situations in any one round of golf - you really need wedges in every loft that will capably provide the utility of playing every short game situation. 

LIE ANGLES - The lie angles for your irons must be dynamically fitted to your normal address position and considered for shaft design characteristics and the dynamic droop created by the speed of your full swing.  It is therefore imperative that your irons be properly fitted to your full swing in order to realize your potential for irons play.

HOWEVER, in short game play, you rarely use consistent ball positions, address positions, or full speed swings - as your ball position, hands positions, and swing speeds change constantly.  Ergo, we recommend you choose good neutral lie angles for wedge play based upon your height.  Our standard 63 degree lie angles are recommended for players in the height range of about 5’10”. 

At 6’, we recommend 1 degree upright adjustment to your lie angle, and a 2 degree upright setting at 6’2” or taller.  Similarly, players at 5’8” heights should flatten their lie angles by 1 degree, and players at a 5’6” height or less should probably flatten their lie angles by 2 degrees.  If you have unusually long or short arms, you might consider factoring this into your choice of lie angles.  Note:  The design lie angles for all Renegar Wedge lofts are the same, as the shaft lengths for all lofts are the same.

                 HEIGHT           LIE ANGLE RECOMMENDATION

                        6’2”                   +2 degrees upright

                        6’0”                   +1 degree upright

                        5’10”                 0 standard 63 degrees

                        5’8”                   -1 degree flat

                        5’6”                   -2 degrees flat


SHAFT LENGTHS - We do not recommend shaft length adjustments for the wedges of any player - regardless of his height, so we do not offer them.  Our standard shaft cut lengths of 35.5 inches are generally one-half inch longer than most of our competitors.  Changing shaft lengths greatly affects the stiffness of any shaft.  Making it longer weakens the flex, and conversely making it shorter stiffens the shaft flex.  We recommend taller and shorter players deal with their height variations by adjusting lie angles as suggested above.  Increasing shaft length by 1 inch will weaken the flex of most shafts by about one full flex range or more, making that lengthened shaft completely inappropriate for wedge play.  Few “master club fitters” understand this.

Pricing:       $185 - RxF Tour Proto Precision Forged Wedges with KBS Wedge steel shaft and Lamkin grip.

Ships in 3 to 5 days.


Loft: 46 degrees

Lie Angle: 63