How To: Improving Your Short Game

Improve your short golf game

While people that are not avid golfers see driving as one of the most important aspects of golf, avid golfers tend to see the short game as most imperative to the scorecard. The reasoning behind the lofty importance of the short game is that no matter how far you can drive the ball, you will never consistently achieve, or surpass, par without the ability to approach the hole with your chipping skills.  To simply put it, the only way to improve your short game is to have the best golf irons ever and to practice your short game often.

In today’s blog post your source for golf clubs online, Renegar Golf, will discuss a few simple tips and tricks to improve your short game on the links.

Be Mindful Of Your Left Arm

One thing that most people fail to recognize is that the left arm actually controls your chipping stroke. In order to fully optimize your stoke move your left hand and arm backward while slightly hinging the wrists, then allowing the left arm to lead the clubface towards the ball in the downswing.

In addition to allowing your left arm to control the shot, it is important to practice the motions of your swing in a non-course situation — like in your backyard. Simply place a ball in the grass and slowly practice your swing execution in order to get used to your left arm taking control.

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Take Advantage Of The Bounce

Often times when people are pitching they think that it is better to ensure that the ball rolls instead of bounce because they believe that rolling ensures them more control over the ball’s trajectory. Contrary to popular belief, the bounce can be an extremely beneficial tool. If you find yourself in the precarious situation known as the rough, a bounce can ensure that the ball moves farther — in a situation where a roll would be ineffective.

In order to increase the chance of the ball bouncing press your hands forward on the club, almost like you would on a chip shot. Additionally, by browsing golf wedges for sale online, you can likely find a club with specifications mandating that chip-like shots are easier to complete.

Chip With An Extended Shaft

Another way to improve your short game is to chip with an extended shaft. While you are shopping for golf clubs online, consider getting a shaft extension, or ordering a chipping wedge that is slightly larger than you are used to. In doing so, you will be able to improve your chipping game. The extra shaft should not touch your body, and as you swing it is important to keep the grips moving towards your target.

One thing to be careful for when using an extended shaft is scooping the ball. If you end up scooping the ball it is important to focus on your swing, ensuring that the grip keeps moving towards the ball. Check out some of the best golf irons ever on our golf shop online today.

Keep Your Hands Soft

No, we aren't talking about using moisturizer, but rather the pressure in which you grip your club. According to some of the pro’s like Tiger Woods, maintaining a light grip pressure on your club can help increase your chipping game by leaps and bounds.

When chipping it is important, in conjunction with a light grip, to maintain an open stance and a quick, relaxed swing. Additionally, having a light club can help greatly, so be sure to check out the Renegar Golf website out for the best place to buy golf clubs.

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