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60° "Lob" Composite Shaft
60° "Lob" Composite Shaft
60° "Lob" Composite Shaft
60° "Lob" Composite Shaft
60° "Lob" Composite Shaft

60° "Lob" Composite Shaft

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Usage - Types of ShotsOur LOB wedges give the player higher trajectory and higher spin solutions for shorter distance shots – specifically creating short game answers where the new conforming grooves challenge your ability to spin the ball - even when compared to our competitors’ extreme 60+ degree offerings.  The lowered leading edge of our lob wedge will make it your “go to” club for many of the more difficult short game situations, for shorter bunker explosion shots, and for lobs from very tight lies.  Our patented sole will allow you to open the club face fearlessly to add loft and stop the ball with increased trajectory whenever you like - better than our competitor’s extreme loft wedges.  And they effectively double as the #13 iron compliment to your set of irons when used with a full swing.


Essentials/WhyBecause most of us miss most of the greens in most of our rounds of golf, it is essential for any serious player to have a complete arsenal of short game shots (and clubs) - ready to address any short game situation - regardless of your skill level.  Lob shot situations occur frequently in golf, particularly for recovery shots from a missed green where there is little green to work with or insufficient green surface to allow the ball to roll-out – situations where additional loft may be employed to stop the ball with trajectory more than spin.  It is not necessarily our recommendation, but many highly skilled players shift to their lob wedge for practically all of their shorter shots.


Build Configuration DetailsAll Renegar Golf Rx14 wedges come standard with either the KBS Wedge steel shaft or our Renegar DTS Tour Control graphite shaft – both developed specifically for wedge play, but they are better than conventional irons shafts on full swings too.  Both shaft choices (steel and graphite) are nearly identical in playing characteristics, weight, shaft flex, and design.  Our steel-shafted Rx14 comes standard with our “dusty chrome” plated finish, and our graphite-shafted clubs are standard with our black SQ nitride finish.  All of our wedges come standard with our Lamkin-Renegar EPDM wedges grip for better performance in delicate short game situations, where maximum feel and control are essential.  These components have already been custom designed and optimized for wedge play.  No further custom shaft or grip choices are offered with the Rx14.  And, of course, all lofts of our wedges come standard with our utility-patented sole contour. 


 SpecificationsAll Renegar Golf wedges share the same “single set specifications” (so they will feel and perform identically in your hands), with their designated lofts being the singular differentiation.  Consistent specifications are:  Length = 35.5 inches, Lie Angles = 63.5 Degrees, Swing Weights = D-6 (D-5 graphite), Total Static Weight = 450 Grams, and our Shaft Stiffness is a Strong Regular Wedge Flex.


Full Swing Distances:  The full swing maximum distance you hit our wedges will depend primarily upon your swing speed and impact vectors (and of course what specific lofts you choose).  The table below suggests some yardage possibilities for what your distances might be.  Your distances will surely vary.  (Rule of Thumb:  You can expect 2-3 yards difference in distance for each degree of loft change.) 


                         Slower Swinger     Average    Hard Hitter 


46-48 Pitch             89                         113               140


50-52 Gap              81                         102               125


54-56 Sand            73                          91                 110


58-60 Lob               65                           80                95


Set Recommendations:  The options we offer the player are many with our 8 Rx14 lofts, but some good generalizations are helpful.  Loft differences between clubs for your wedge set should be 4-6 degrees and as evenly spaced as possible.  Four-Wedge sets we would recommend would include 46/50/54/58 or 48/52/56/60.  Three wedge sets might include the 46/52/58 and 48/54/60 combinations.  Obviously, other combinations are possible, and the choices are all yours.


Pricing:       $165 - Black SQ finish, DTS Tour Control graphite, and Lamkin grip.