Renegar Golf Wedges - World Class Manufacturing

Even the greatest golf club designs can be no better than mediocre if they are not delivered to you with manufacturing excellence.  To accomplish this, we have created strategic business relationships with proven, experienced world-class suppliers and vendors – all leaders in their respective areas.  They are all the very best in the world at what they do – no learning curves – they give us (and you) synergies instead.

Our BRAND may be new to golf, but none of us involved in delivering the product to you are anything less than veterans at giving you the best.

Partnering with the very best suppliers in the world provides us (and you) with innovation from the beginnings of product conception through the final manufacture of sub-assembly components and golf club assembly.  We had to develop new precision manufacturing processes for our innovative grooves and finishing.  We offer you CNC milled impact surfaces (face, grooves) and no amateur “grinds” or polishing - so that absolute control is possible through our superior manufacturing processes. We employ the methodologies of statistical process control in QA with meaningful measures (using extraordinary new measuring equipment) and the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the golf industry.

We asked all of our World-Class suppliers to raise the bar . . . and they did.