Proper Wedge Fitting - Short Game - Renegar Golf

 Fitting and Customization offers for your wedges are VERY fashionable.  They are the things our competitors will try to sell you when they have little else in real design engineering and performance advantages to give you – so, they give you their special sole “grinds” (done by some “master grinder”) and custom-fitted to your swing, hoping you will buy into the logical assumption that your wedges should be fitted like your other clubs . . . it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Fitting and Customization for WEDGES are simply CANARDS!  

HERESY you say?  Well, let’s examine the issues of CUSTOM GRINDS and FITTING closer.


Custom Sole “GRIND” offerings (whether from big OEMs or boutique wedge builders) are actually an admission to you, the player, that the 80 year-old Sarazen bounce sole design is just not versatile enough for the demands of modern golf – and it is NOT.  The generally tighter lies of contemporary golf beg for a lowered leading edge for most short game play. 

But player’s “swings,” courses, and shot-making situations are ALL different and demand different solutions, so most golf companies offer you a choice of several sole “grind” possibilities to deal with this.  You need only to determine for them which short game situations you will encounter (and which you will not – note our sarcasm) and which swings you will use (and which swings you will not use – note our sarcasm again), and they will prescribe a sole “grind” that will work best for you. 

But what about those “other” shots and swings you encounter in every round of golf?  If you are prescribed a “slider” sole, what will you do about bunker play?  If you have a “digger” sole, how can you play tight lies?

Some OEMs are now even beginning to offer a new generation of lowered leading edge “versatility” designs, but they give you this lowered leading edge versatility with the high price of reducing bounce.  Last time we checked, you still need bounce for bunker play (and some other short game situations).

So what is the answer?  Renegar Golf instead gives you a Utility-Patented Sole DESIGN that will provide you with the needed lower leading edge, but we are able to INCREASE the bounce effectiveness – instead of compromising it.  Our sole contour is not some mysterious “master” craftsman’s grind – it is much more.  It was developed over the span of 20+ years of R&D, instead of 5 minutes on a grinding wheel.  It is a utility-patented, meticulously engineered, multi-purpose short game sole design solution addressing the varied needs of ALL wedge play – including ALL the short game shots you encounter, and it is even optimized of every player.  We don’t have “master craftsman certificates” – we have Master’s Degrees instead.

And so to the currently fashionable “sole grind” question . . . Are you a “digger” or a “slider”?   We answer, Are you kidding?”  A good player has to be both during any given round of golf, and you need a wedge golf club with the design versatility to deliver excellent performance in EVERY short game situation.


FITTING a player’s wedges to match his irons is a complete CANARD!  HERESY again. . . maybe not?  Instead, optimizing the player’s wedges to match the performance demands of short game play and the many varied situations he encounters is the REAL key to better wedge play.

Irons are used for entirely different purposes from your wedges – they are played from consistent address positions with full swings to singular distances.  Wedges, in great contrast, are used for shorter, partial swing shots from a great variety of situations and lies, demanding an infinite variety of distance, trajectory, and spin solutions - and they are very rarely played with a full swing or from consistent address positions.

Further, the many shots of short game play are actually the same for ALL of us – whether you are a “bomber” Tour Player or sweet-swinging senior player.  A 40-yard pitch shot is in fact the same for ALL of us, as is an 8-yard bunker explosion, or a 12-yard down-hill chip, or a 25-yard open-faced cut lob shot from a tight lie, et cetera.  They are ALL the same shots, and they require the golf club to do the same things for ALL of us - regardless of any particular player’s full swing speed, height, or address positions – the short game shots still remain the same for all of us. 

So, “fitting” for wedges is actually more like the design and performance optimizations sought in race car design or the tuning of a grand piano.  One optimum design solution (and configuration) does best fit the real performance demands for those product designs – FOR ALL USERS – just as there is a singular best optimization for the configuration and design of wedge clubs - giving you the best possible performance for the great variety of short game play and situations we all encounter. 

So, fit and customize something other than your wedges – they need to be design-optimized for you to play your best golf!