Renegar Golf Wedges - Design & Philosophies

We began our design effort with a different set of assumptions from other wedge manufacturers – those derived from an entirely different perspective.  We were first completely unwilling to accept the design limitation of Sarazen's raised leading edge.  Our first design objective then was to create a means for eliminating the design and playing limitations of the Sarazen bounce sole by “thinking outside the bunker” from a design perspective – understanding that the great majority of short game play is NOT bunker explosion shots.  It was this thinking that led us to our utility-patented sole that greatly improves the playing versatility of every club in our offering – giving you a lowered leading edge and even more bounce, but only when you need it.

We expanded and enriched that perspective with our design philosophies of SEDO (Systems Engineered Design Optimization) and DFFA (Design For First Attempt) – leading us to an essential understanding that great short game golf club design needs to match the design demands of the short game situations encountered by the player – and not the full swing dynamics of the player (like his irons).

But we were not satisfied there.  We even challenged the assumptions that conventional irons shafts and grips were good enough for wedges – leading us to the design and development of ground-breaking new shaft and grip R&D to match your short game needs. 

And then we tempered all of this with good players’ perspectives.

Great golf club design must begin with and be driven by insightful design philosophies.  Our design philosophies have been developed over the span of a near 30-year career in the golf industry.  Given there is much more to our product than any single "break-through," our Design Philosophies might be summarized by all of the following: