Why Having A Quality Golf Club Matters

In golf, like many other sports, people often have the misconception that it’s the skill that makes a good athlete,  not their equipment. While skill is a large part of what makes the best athletes successful, a good athlete still needs quality equipment on their side.

Luckily, golf technology changes frequently  with new clubs emerging all the time, helping players reach the pinnacle of their game. Precision made golf clubs are extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their golf game, as golf equipment physically affects the result of your swing, even when you don't realize it.  Quite simply, the results of your swing is a combination of both your swing and the golf clubs that you’re using. .

Here at Renegar Golf, we pride ourselves on being able to call ourselves a company at the forefront of golf technology with our patented improvement of the historic Sarazen bounce sole. With our revolutionary wedges, you can take your skills out to the course, and showcase your skills while you perform at the peak of your game.

Today we are going to discuss  why we are so confident that quality golf equipment makes a difference in your performance.

Quality Golf Clubs

No matter how skilled that you consider yourself to be, you can't deny the importance of having the proper club face. The club’s face affects the flight of the ball, and choosing the correct face angle is crucial to fully exploit the power and control of your club.

Once you have found the face angle that suits your game, make sure that you consider the club’s center of gravity, leading edge, and sole as they all will factor into the trajectory of the impacted ball. Take a look at our patented golf technology to better understand how high quality golf equipment makes all the difference.

A quality shaft is another crucial part of reaching the pinnacle of your game, as the give, weight, and length directly affect your swing. At Renegar Golf, we have tediously tested combinations of different shafts for our clubs in pursuit of the perfect match, and after extensive searching, we can confidently say that we have found it.

Respecting The Product

With quality golf equipment, it is important to leave the product as it comes to you, rather than modifying the product to specifications that you think will improve the product. We say this because top golf irons are paired with precision golf shafts during the research and development process, with the best combinations of the two making their way to  the market. Because of this, if you were to buy a precision made golf club only to change out the shaft for a different one , you would actually be decreasing your club’s performance capabilities.

So Why Renegar Golf?

The answer is simple —Renegar Golf has the best new golf irons. Here at Renegar Golf, our wedges are the result of 20 extensive years of research and development,putting our clubs on the market when we felt they were the best in the business. . With our precision made golf irons  you can now reach  your maximum potential Our new golf irons are top performing, making any sand trap exit or chip shot an easy maneuver. Contact Renegar Golf today if you have any questions about our inventory of precision golf clubs.