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What To Look For In Golf Wedge Manufacturers

Golf technology is seemingly ever changing, with golf manufacturers working on proprietary new designs without you even knowing, but every once in a while, a cutting-edge wedge is designed — casting a shadow on the rest. If you haven't already figured out by now, we are speaking of our Renegar Golf precision-made golf clubs and their revolutionary Renegar sole. While we could sit here all day and discuss the most forgiving golf irons on the market, we will instead, discuss another important aspect to consider when purchasing a new wedge — the company that makes it.

While a company might be able to crank out a multitude of half-decent wedges in different colors and styles while featuring a number of customizable specs, it doesn't mean that they sell a good product. As a consumer of precision golf products, it is important that you not only speculate what club would be the best asset to your irons but also what company has the potential to create the best product.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss a few considerations regarding the golf wedge manufacturers that you might want to consider before buying their product.

Are They Established?

While it is a bit cliche to say that a company is best when they have been around for a long time, producing iterations of products that become better with each release, but it is true. New companies emerge daily, releasing products in response to market demands rather than creating a product that they think can rival the best. Companies with such a model don’t care about the quality of the product, but rather, the quantity in which the product is sold.

At Renegar Golf, our product is quite the opposite. It is true that golf technology is ever-changing, and our cutting-edge wedges are at the forefront of those innovations. First developed in 1993, our utility-patented designs have been tested time and time again — finding the perfect product after six generations of research and development.

Is their Product Proven?

“We sell the best new golf irons”.

The above phrasing is very important to consider when weighing what company you want to choose to purchase a club from. On one hand, it could be a well-made argument proven by years and multiple iterations of testing, while on the other hand, it could be what is known as a “false claim” or an “empty promise.”

At Renegar Golf, we are well aware of the claims that other companies make, and in truth, we make the same claims too — the only difference being that we can back up our claims with research and development data.

Renegar Golf: Your Source For Precision Made Golf Clubs

Now that we have discussed what you should look for in the vast pool of golf wedge manufacturers online, we urge you to take a look at our inventory of clubs, as well as the information that proves their worth. Our cutting-edge wedges are the top golf irons, and we are willing to back up our claim, unlike some other golf wedge manufacturers.

View our inventory of wedges and putters today. If you have any questions about our precision golf products, please don't hesitate to contact us.