What Do People Have To Say About The Renegar Wedge?

Obviously, we think that we have the best golf irons ever here at Renegar Golf, but as much as we love our clubs, what really matters is what others think of our clubs. In today’s blog post we are going to see what a few people have to say about our golf clubs online — but we aren't talking about what your coworker that only golfs to skip work thinks about our clubs, we are talking about the experienced members of the golf blogging community online.

Continue reading to see what some of the most influential golf blogs online have to say about the Renegar wedge.

MyGolfSpy Review

MyGolfSpy is a heavily followed website in the golf community that provides its community with reviews, forums, news, new releases, and of course golf reviews. But what did they have to say about our golf wedges for sale?

“I don't know what kind of voodoo is being used, but these Renegar wedges feel perfectly balanced. I can tell where the head and my hands were during practice swings. I've used KBS Tours In Irons and it’s not the same feeling.”

Well, what can we say? If the balance is the name of the game, Renegar wedges are the best player. Our golf clubs online are some of the most balanced that you will find anywhere. Why? Because of countless iterations or research and development. While we could talk all day about the balance of our clubs (and maybe we will in our next post), you will never truly understand until you have one of our wedges in your hands for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Visit our golf shop online today!

Three Guys Golf Review

Three Guys Golf is a blog site that specializes in three specific things, reviews by product, reviews by the company, and golf improvement. With a blog that specifically focuses on reviewing clubs, you can probably trust their word with confidence. So what did they have to say about Renegar Golf?

“Despite the fact that Renegar has been making clubs for 20 years and can boast wins on the PGA Tour, the name remains far under most people’s radar. With that said, I love the fact that they do one thing…wedges. I have always believed in specializing and when a company can set its focus on just making the best wedges without being distracted by drivers, putters, or even apparel, you know you are getting their full attention.”

Thanks for the positive word, guys! We’re blushing. But you bring up a good point, we do only make wedges. Some people might think it’s a little odd that we only focus on a few select clubs, but we would rather manufacture the best golf clubs in a few categories than average golf clubs that can fill your entire quiver.

Haven’t Experienced Renegar Wedges? What’s Your Excuse?

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth — Renegar Golf clubs are not to be dismissed. What is your excuse for not treating yourself to the best golf irons ever? Is it that you haven’t had a chance to check out our website? If so, here it is — https://renegargolf.com/ — problem solved.

Whether you are a professional or a professional weekend warrior, our golf clubs online can step up your game. Give them a try today.