The Wedge Type Matters - The Different Types Of Wedges

The Wedge Type Matters ImageWhen most people begin to play golf, they simply use the clubs that they are provided with, never really thinking about the fact that they only use one type of wedge. Traditionally, the wedge that comes with a golf set is a pitching wedge, making it one of the most widely used wedge types. While we have nothing bad to say about any particular type of golf club, we do fully advocate for diversifying the clubs that you keep in your quiver.

In today's blog post, your source of golf clubs online, Renegar Golf will be discussing a couple of the different wedge types that we sell, as well as how they differ from each other.

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Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge, as we said earlier, is likely the club that you play with currently. Of the various types of wedges that can be used on your approach shots, the pitching wedge is the least forgiving — meaning that it is meant for rather long approach shots. Typically, pitching wedges have a loft of around 45-50 degrees, allowing the ball to pop up enough to drop on to the green without rolling much after the landing.

Gap Wedge

Gap wedges are a little less common in the sense that they are not sold in full golf sets, and must instead be deliberately bought. So if you are unsure of if you own a gap wedge, you probably don’t. A gap wedge is an excellent tool for popping the ball up high, for shorter distances than your traditional pitch shot.  That being said, the degree range that classifies a wedge as a gap wedge ranges from 45-50 degrees, encompassing the degree range of a pitching wedge. So when you are looking for the best deals on golf clubs, be sure to purchase a gap wedge that does not have to similar of an angle to your pitching wedge.

Sand Wedge

A sand wedge is an essential tool for the golfer of any skill level. Sand wedges, so aptly named for their use in the sand, feature an incredible angle of up to 58 degrees — meaning that its sole purpose is to go up and over the edge of the bunker. Additionally, when you are purchasing a sand wedge, be sure to look for one with a slightly shorter shaft, allowing for you to put more spin on the ball.

Lob Wedge

Last, but certainly not least, is the lob wedge. Much like the gap wedge, lob wedges are not an addition to the regular-old golf bag. The function of the lob wedge is to make high and precise dropping shots onto the green — hence its name. When you are shopping for golf clubs online, it is important to narrow your search to clubs with an angle of 60-65 degrees if you intend on buying a lob wedge. In doing so, it will be easier for you to make tall, arching, shots.

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