Reasons To Love, And Hate, The Tiger Vs. Phil Showdown

Reasons To Love, And Hate, The Tiger Vs. Phil Showdown


It is with no doubt that there has been an incredible amount of buzz surrounding the newly-approved $9 million dollar head to head showdown between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. On November 23, two of the most highly praised golfers of the current generation will hit the links and battle to win, much like they usually do — the only difference being that there is only one other person to beat, and they are competing for one of the largest golf cash prizes ever. As a golf technology company, there is no doubt that we have been heavily involved in countless conversations regarding this upcoming Las Vegas showdown, and from what we have heard, some people are excited about it, while others are not. 

In today’s blog post, your source of the Renegar wedge, Renegar Golf will be discussing why people might love the upcoming match while others hate it.

Why Might You Be Excited?

It is hard not to get excited about the idea of Tiger and Phil going head to head. They are some of the most accomplished golfers in recent history, and the statistics support it. In fact, while their titles might not be comparable, we have two players that have been ranked 1 and 2 in the FedexCup Rankings at their highest, and 60 and 61 in their lowest. Both of these players have been competitors for years, and once and for all, they can settle things on the links between just the two of them.

In addition to looking forward to the competitiveness of this matchup, the competition is to be held at the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas — and that alone is something to be excited about. There is something about big payouts and Vegas that go in hand — especially because in gambling and this matchup alike, there are winners and losers. Can’t make it to Las Vegas to watch? Not to worry, you can simply order it on pay-per-view.

Bringing Us To Our Next Point: Why To Hate It 

While having a golf matchup of such a high caliber on pay-per-view could be a great way to get the great game of golf more exposure, it seems to paint the game we love in a different kind of light. Typically when people watch pay-per-view they are tuning in to watch two fully grown men beat each other into a pulp, as we saw Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor do in 2017.

While yes, golf is much different from combat sports, it has always been associated with watching all day on Sundays, not primetime on a Friday.

It’s A Mixed Bag

While here at Renegar Golf we do not have much input on this matchup, and if we love it or hate it, plenty of people out there do. Because of this, it is an important thing to talk about. That being said, whether you love it or hate it, it is exciting that things are changing in the world of golf.

Not only is the format and stakes of golfing changing, but so is golf technology. Technology like the Renegar wedge has been influencing the average Sunday golfer’s game — because at Renegar Golf, we don’t think you need to be a pro to golf like one!

Check out our full line of Renegar wedges today, and be sure to check the media for more news about Tiger and Phil’s historic matchup. Contact us if you have any questions.