Phil Vs. Tiger — Why Should You Watch?

As the 23rd approaches, the entire country is beginning to think about one thing — and it isn’t the turkey dinner that they will be having. At 3 p.m. ET on the links of Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, two of the greatest golfers who ever lived will be going head to head — mano y mano— for 9 million dollars. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are of the most known golfers in history, and for good reason too. But there can’t be two “best golfers” on the pro tour, so this match has more on the line than just money. But why should you watch?

A lot of people have found themselves flip-flopping between “Of course I am going to watch” and “Why would I pay for that?’” and while we are rather impartial here at Renegar Golf, there are some compelling reasons to pay for this pay-per-view event. Continue reading to hear some of them.

Everyone Will Be Wearing A Mic

What is the one thing every golfer wants to know when watching a professional golf event on television? Some think “What are they saying to the crowd,” but the more serious golfers think to themselves “What wisdom is their caddy dropping on them? Because I could use that in my golf game.” During this televised event, both Tiger, Phil, and their caddies will be mic’d up for the event — meaning that you will be able to hear EVERYTHING.

Tiger & Phil Are Both Healthy

If this matchup had ever been proposed in the past, it likely would not have happened. In most of the past seasons, one of the two golfers were either hurt or not playing at the top of their game — meaning that it would have been unfair. That being said, now both golfers are healthier than ever — not to mention that they are both having stellar years.

There Will Be Side Challenges

You might be thinking “Wait, the whole thing is a challenge — and for 9 million dollars nonetheless.” While yes, that is more money than most of us can even begin to picture, it is not the cap that the winner will receive. In fact, there is already a side challenge that has been made by the two golfers.

So far, the only confirmed side challenge is that Tiger has bet Phil 200 thousand dollars that he will birdie the first hole. If high stakes like that aren't enough to get you to watch, we don’t know what is.

It Will Makes You Excited For Your Next Trip To The Links

Watching golf, regardless of if it is Tiger versus Phil or simply just an open, is something that all golfers love to do. Why is this? Well, it is rather simple — it makes us excited about golf. Sure, we will likely never be as good as Tiger and Phil (but if you are, let’s discuss sponsorship), but golf is all about having fun.

While you might not have the skills necessary to compete with the pros you can still use the same equipment as the pros. Consider utilizing the exciting golf technology known as the Renegar Golf precision made golf club. We have a feeling you might like it.

Enjoy watching Tiger and Phil battle — and when you get excited about golf, shop for Renegar precision made golf clubs at our online store.