How To Pick The Best Country Club

Are you crazy about golfing? Do you wish that you could golf multiple times a week but are sick of shelling out money every time you visit the links? If you answered yes to either of the above questions it is likely that you would benefit from becoming a member of a local country club near you. In today’s blog post, the best place to buy golf clubs, Renegar Golf, will be discussing a few considerations you should make when you are searching for the best country club to use our Renegar wedges.

Ask Around

One of the best ways to vet country clubs and decide what club is best for you is to ask other golfers in the area about the country clubs that you are currently considering. By asking current members of country clubs what they like, and dislike, about their club, you may be able to get a better idea of the experience that you would have if you were to become a member.

Location, Location, Location

Arguably one of the largest influences on what private golf club that you will end up choosing is the club’s location in proximity to your home. The distance that golfers have to their country club is different for everyone, as some people have clubs closer to their home than others, and some people are willing to drive farther than others for a quick round of golf. To pick the club with the best location, consider the driving time that it would take to get to, and from, the course, as well as how often you would be willing to make the drive in a given week.

What Can It Offer Your Family?

Sometimes people get lucky enough that their spouse and children also love the great game of golf, but rarely are golfers so lucky. Because of this, there is an added consideration that must be made when looking at prospective country clubs — what can it offer your family? Maybe your spouse plays tennis, limiting your search to clubs that have tennis courts. Maybe your kids like to swim. How many country clubs in your area have pools? Considering the amenities that your family require, as well as your own, will likely cross a few of the prospective country club locations off of your list.


Let’s face it, memberships to country clubs are not cheap. Because of this, it's important to consider all of the details of each country club before becoming a member — including how hospitable the club is. When you are on your tour, pay close attention to the tour guides verbiage and how they interact with you. Additionally, pay attention to the rest of the staff while you are on your tour and watch how they interact with other club members. By watching both their reactions and the club member reactions you will be able to better understand the quality of the hospitality offered at each club.

Once You Have Found A Country Club, Find Your Favorite Club

So you did it, you found your perfect country club. Now that you have done so, it is time to find your favorite golf club to use there. When shopping for golf clubs online, be sure to visit Renegar Golf first. Our clubs feature the best golf technology without the huge price tag that you would expect, making them ideal for the golfer that is looking for “cheap golf irons” or “cheap putters” — after all, you did just spend a small fortune on your country club membership

If you are looking for the best place to buy golf clubs, shop Renegar Golf. If you have any questions about our innovative golf irons, we urge you to contact us today.