Four Considerations for Your Wedge Swing

Golf technology has become far greater in the last 20 years than it has since its inception thousands of years ago or even its period of modernization in the last 200 years — especially in the aspects of club and club shaft design. Because of this, it is easier than ever for players of all skill sets to improve rapidly by utilizing wedges of different sizes, weights, and degrees. While it is extremely easy to focus on the club rather than your form, the form still is the major determining factor in if you will drop the ball perfectly on the green, or bounce off into the rough.

In today’s blog post,  Renegar Golf, your go-to manufacturer of top golf irons will be discussing the most valuable asset to a golf iron — a player’s swing. Below, we have listed the five factors that we, as well as a majority of the professional golf community, believe to be the most important areas of focus when analyzing your wedge swing.

Keeping a Level Head

No, we aren't alluding to the fact that you should hold your head high and refrain from gritting your teeth when you shank a shot, but instead, are referring to the position of your head throughout your swing. A large majority of players will allow their heads to dip down while they swing their wedge forward, creating an inconsistent swing.

By maintaining a level head throughout your wedge swing, you will be more likely to gain efficiency and consistency in your wedge shots by eliminating unnecessary movements.

Move Your Body As A Unit

When a golfer rolls their shoulders forward and appears to have tightly bound arms, wrists, and hands, it might appear that they look uncomfortable and tense, when in reality, this is a deliberate action. By moving your upper body as a unit, it is more likely that the shoulder rotation will become more predictable and efficient while also ensuring that the swing does not include early wrist hinging.

Check Your Backswing

While it may seem like you need to swing with all of your might to place the ball on the green with your approach shot, it is more likely that your swing needs more finesse instead. Currently, golf technologies like ours here at Renegar Golf allow for the production of the most forgiving golf irons, meaning power is no longer the primary focus of your approach shot. Shorten your swing and focus on the placement of the clubface and watch your shot become more accurate.

Hit Though The Ball

One of the most effective ways to clean up your wedge swing is to hit through the ball, as their final objective is the swing, not the connection with the ball. When you focus on hitting the ball alone, you are more likely to power down your swing as you come in contact with the ball. So swing through it and watch that ball drop right where you intended it to.

Let A Renegar Wedge Help

While yes, as we have stated above, your swing is the most important aspect of your approach game and your wedge shots, but having the proper golf iron in your hands is the last piece to your mid-range puzzle. As a golf wedge manufacturer, we have spent years testing and refining our clubs in order to create the most forgiving golf irons on the market. So if you are looking for new golf irons we urge you to check out our collection of the best new golf irons available.

If you have any questions about our precision golf products please don't hesitate to contact us.