A Brief History Of Golf

Golf is often viewed as a newer sport when juxtaposed with other popular sports like soccer, baseball, and football, when in reality, golf’s origins can be traced back thousands of years. As a community of golfers, you could say that we have come a long way since the variations of our beloved sport began as early as Roman times. We currently have the best golf irons ever, while our ancestors played the game with sticks and other primitive tools, making the importance of knowing the origin of the game more imperative than ever.

Today, we are going to discuss a few of the noteworthy milestones in the development of the game that we know and love today.

Roman Republic(100 BCE)

Predating the Roman empire, the Roman Republic may be one of the first groups that contributed to the development of modern golf. In an effort to have fun, the Romans developed a game known as “Paganica” that became quite popular among the people of ancient Rome. From what is known of the ancient game, contenders used curved sticks to hit a leather ball towards a target that was predetermined by competitors. The leather ball may not have closely resembled a golf ball, and the curved stick can only be compared to a cheap putter, but the game did hold similar values and rules to modern golf.

The Song Dynasty (Roughly 1000 CE)

As impressive that it was that the Roman Republic had developed a game that potentially could have influenced our sport over two thousand years later, they were not the only contributors to the sport we know today. Over one thousand years ago, the Song Dynasty in China also had a game that resembled golf. Slightly more complex than “paganica”, the Chinese game of “chuiw an” included multiple clubs and a single ball, with each club serving a different purpose. There is some speculation that “chuiw an” could potentially be older than “paganica,” but it is likely that both cultures took some ideas from each other's games to modify their own, after all, our modern day golf is a culmination of all of our predecessor's ideas.

Honestly, it is quite amazing to think about these ancient games, as the competitors couldn't just open their laptop and search “the best place to buy a golf club” like we can today. They had to physically make their own clubs and their own balls.

Scotland (1457 CE)

With variations of what we know call golf spreading across the continent, golf ended up finding its way to Scotland. On March 6th of 1457, King James II banned both golf and football (soccer), because he saw it as a distraction to his countrymen. This is extremely humorous because in modern times it is not uncommon for people to use golf as a way to distract themselves from their day-to-day lives.

The reasoning behind King James’s decree was the instability of the monarchy at the time, being that he saw men’s time more fit to be practicing archery instead of “playing games.”

United States (1729 CE)

In 1729, rumors spread that the first golf clubs in America were located on the estate of Massachusetts Governor, William Burnet. This is extremely significant because this marks the first time (that is known) that golf clubs had been seen on the North American continent. While at this point in history you couldn't ask someone in passing where they could find golf wedges for sale, it did mark a major stride forward for the future of golf in America.

Scotland (1744 CE)

In 1744, a group of golfers in Edinburgh sat down and created the first set of official rules for the sport of golf. Granted, these rules have long since been updated, but this marked the first time that the sport had an unarguably definitive structure. Shortly after the forming of golf’s first rules, some of the more prestigious golf organizations like The Society of St. Andrews Golfers was formed, Later becoming the well-known Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in the early 1800s.

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