Composite and Steel Shaft Wedges

If you're looking for the perfect golf club to take your game to the next level, you may be wondering which shaft material to choose: steel or composite? Let us help you make the right decision and elevate your golfing experience!

While steel shafts have been the traditional choice for many golfers, composite shafts have been gaining popularity for their incredible performance benefits. Our top-quality composite shafts are made of lightweight materials like graphite and carbon fiber, giving you greater flexibility and distance in your shots. Plus, they offer improved accuracy and a faster swing speed, resulting in lower scores and more enjoyable rounds on the course.

On the other hand, if you prefer a heavier and more consistent feel, our steel shafts are the perfect fit for you. Made of durable metal, they offer excellent control and stability, making them ideal for players who value accuracy over distance.

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The Original Rx14 Investment Cast Wedges

The Rx14 wedges are the ultimate in contemporary short game playability – representing the first step into a next threshold of new design technology for wedges.  TrackMan testing with live skilled players shows the Rx14 design to be two to five times more accurate than the two industry sales leaders, while still offering short game versatility unmatched by any competitor’s “custom grinds”. 

This is 20 years’ worth of design evolution created just to bring you lower scores.  The Rx14s include ALL of the following design features:

Utility-Patented Sole DESIGN with 5 distinctly different bounce surfaces to match the many different short game situations you actually encounter in short game play

Investment cast from super soft 304 stainless steel with our proprietary reduced glare “dusty chrome” finish

CNC milled face with very high spin USGA legal engraved grooves

Wedge-specific KBS Wedge shaft and Lamkin-Renegar Wedges grip

8 Lofts available from 46° to 60°– choose the proper set to match your game

And all of that is just the beginning . . .

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4-Club sets 46/50/54/58, 48/52/56/60
3-Club sets 46/52/58, 46/52/60,  46/50/56, 48/52/56,  48/54/60,  50/54/58,  50/54/60,  52/56/60
2-Club sets 46/54, 46/56, 50/56,  52/58,  54/58,  54/60,  52/60